Video Blog Pastor Michael Holman- Never Give Up! – COGIC’s Gold Coast District Meeting

Pastor Michael Holman speaking during COGIC’s Gold Coast District Meeting on the topic, “Never Give Up” from the book of Jeremiah. Video available below as well as now playing vie Internet Radio at our BlogTalkRadio Station. It’a slso in the Android Market/Google Play Place via your Android Device

Worhsip Leader: Minister Anthony Upshur
District Choir President: Evangelist Billeesha Brown
Master Of Ceremony: Pastor Kevin Jones

District Headquarters: Glorious Temple COGIC
District Supt: Dr. Willie Robinson
Assistant to District Supt: Pastor Robert Stevenson
District Missionary: Evangelist Viviah Stevenson
Jurisdictional Bishop: Bishop James Gaylord
Jurisdictional Supervisor: Supervisor Marcelle Harris
International Bishop: Bishop Charles Blake
International Supervisor – Mother Wille Mae Rivvers

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Awesome Video editing done by Sister Regina Aiken

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