This Just In… Blog From Elder Michael Holman…12/11/11 at Midnight

This Just in…God would have you to know that He is doing a new thing in you!

First, your mindset has to be right. You will need to elevate you mind. This elevation or rising will mean cutting off people, places and things that will stand in your way.

This elevation will mean more importantly not looking at your current surroundings. Realize that these people, places and things you see now, will be no more. Thay are temporary.

You can’t dwell on where you are because it’s temporary. You have to dwell on where you are going, a Heavenly place.

Yeah, God will take through levels, some high and some low. Realize you Final Destination. Heaven. A place or no more sorrow, no more pain, no power want.

Learn as the Apostle Paul to be abase (low) and to abound (high). As he said, “It’s no longer I, but the Christ that liveth within me”

How can you go through the High Levels and the Low Levels? It’s because you can do ALL things through Christ who strenthens you!

Let this mind (very important) that was in Christ be also in you. The “mind of Christ” was focused on the Mission. The Mission was to Seek and Save the Lost. The Mission was that we might have Life and that more abundantly.

The requirement is to focus every hour, minute and second on your true PRESS, which isthe for the Prize Of the High Calling in Christ Jesus.

How can you still have a smile on your face when it’s seems you are in mess??? If because your also in PRESS for the Prize!

When you are on a High Level, know that you still PRESS for the prize. The physical things will pass away, you Build Your Hope On Things Eternal, Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand.

Folks will look at you as you take on this new mindset. They won’t understand. They can’t because these things are spiritually discerned.

You will be like Moses, coming down from the Mountain Top having just been with God and dealing with people who have not clueof your experience. You have to set things in order and let people know that you are Standing Fast In The LIberty Wherein Christ has set you free and will be be entangled again with the yoke of boundage.

You are working out your soul salvation with fear and trembling. You know ath it were better to never have picked up the Gospel Plow, then to pick it up and put it back down again.

You are not in this along. Our Saviour’s name is Emmanuel, meaning God Is With Us. He sent us a Comforter, even a Spirit Of Truth, that would lead and guide us into all truth.

As song sayd, ow “Run On Children, Don’t you get weary, there’s a Great Camp Meeting In The Promised Land!”

Elder Michael Holman
A Wealthy Place COGIC

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