“The Family Of God, Together”: Pastors Michael and Sharon Holman

“The Family Of God, Together” : Pastors Michael & Sharon Holman 

Pastor Holman, founder of A Wealthy Place COGIC of the First Jurisdiction of East New York of the Church Of God In Christ and First Lady and Pastor Evangelist Holman of DON’T NOBODY LISTEN TO ME MINISTRIES. Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop James Gaylord (Kelly Temple COGIC), 1st Assistant to the Bishop Supt Willie G. Robinson. The Gold Coast District is made of up powerful Men and Women of God. The message was topic was “The Family Of God, Together” taken from Hebrew the 10th Chapter. In this Audio Pastor Holman has been called upon by his Spiritual Father in the Gospel, Supt. Curtis B Sexton of Bethel Emmanuel Temple COGIC to bring the Morning message. The Late Prophetess and Pastor/Founder of Bethel Mission is Mother Sarah Hankins, Elder Holman’s first Spiritual Mother in the Gospel and her assistant then was the late Elder Alfred Diogene.

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