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I’m taking a course at Pace University entitled Strategic Internet Marketing (MAR 349A). We each had to post our favorite websites. I posted just one of mines. It’s the one relating to my Web Services Business. The Professor asked for more information and I responded. I’d also like to share the question and response here on my Blog.

Here we go…

Author: Professor
Date: Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow!!! …look out

Your website is very impressive. Is this your primary business? Can you tell the class about your site, and web hosting in general?


Author: Student (Mike Holman)
Date: Friday, September 25, 2009
Subject: http://www./

Hi Professor/Class,

Thank You!

Here we go…

This is one of my businesses, but a very key business.

The allows me to offer users a number of options such as the following:

* Search for a Domain Name ( to see if it’s available by click on the words Domain Name (in white letters on a black background) and then choosing Register a Domain Name to be used with a Hosting Plan here, “Forwarded” to another Website or just “Parked” here for later use
* Choose a Hosting Plan under the Hosting Plan Title for either a domain name purchase here or managed via another provider
* Choosing a Plan for a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. Every now and then you go to website where when you are making a purchase you will see the little “lock” symbol to indicate the website is secure.
* Choose an Email Plan for domain names they have purchased
* Choose among a host of Marketing Tools such as Fax Through Email eliminating the need to have a fax machine as documents once created or scanned into your PC and be emailed to any fax machine and the user can also receive faxes via this same email account. I use this product often.
* Build a Website. There are tools you can use to build your website using applications, but sometimes you just want to create right then and there without any additional applications create with and then subsequently upload to your site. This option allows you choices to achieve that goal

When you visit the towards the top middle in white letters on black background you will see an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link. There is link for Hosting Services and then a few guides, one of which is Web Hosting. The link to the PDF Guides can be found at the following address (which can also be downloaded):

With Website Hosting you have the ability build your website directly with the hosting provider. You’ll be given a option as the link above shows which Operating System Platform you want your website hosted on. You can choose Linux or Windows. When you purchase a Laptop today, in some case you can choose whether you want a Windows Laptop or Linux Laptop. Depending on the version you choose it will determine which programs you will run. Originally when it came to Web Hosting platforms I used only Windows. Later as my needs for developing online databases grew I found that with database in use over the web, Databases run on a Windows Hosted Plan would lockup more and I would have little or no issues with Databases run on a Linux Hosting Platform.

With Web Hosting I can determine what content (text,pictures,video, powerpoints, etc.) I want to put on my website.

One of the key question is how do you get that content on your website. Here where you have a number of options some of which are as follows:

* File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This program allows you to log into your Web Hosting Account and upload, download or modify content. On Pace University’s Resource Center computer there is the FTP program called Core FTP.
* Website Editing Software
o Adobe Dreamweaver also found on Pace University’s Resource Center computers
o There are other programs such a Microsoft Frontpage which is now sold directly by Microsoft (still available elsewhere) any longer as it is now replaced with Microsoft Expression
o Adobe Cold Fusion which works with Database Integration in your Website

I use to think that with Web Hosting there could not be much more than getting a hosting provider and a website, but there is much more! I ran into situation where I only wanted certain pages visible to certain individual. In this case I need to password protect certain pages and even folders. When I first started out I used Microsoft Frontpage to also find out of pages had broken links.

Oh yes, and then there’s seeing how it can generate money (smile)…Take a look at the following:

* When you run across these Ads on websites, trust, someone is getting paid. By running ads on your website or even certain pages, you can get paid when people actually click on the links on your site (when you run your own ad service) or when people make purchase based on clicks on your site (through the ad services of other vendors).
* You can setup via your Website Online Course Study Programs. Its like having your own personal blackboard Certain courses can be free or at a cost. With your Webhosting Package you can choose from a list of “Plug and Play” applications that can be automatically installed on your website.

As you can see Web Hosting offers Multiple options depending on your needs.

Hopes this helps!

Best Regards

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