Mike Holman

Named by The Root Magazine as one of The Seventeen Black Internet Pioneers http://theroot.com),  my name is Mike Holman http://mikeholman.com/  and https://mikeholman.net/

I am more than happy to share my experience in the Custody space within Financial Services handling products such as Trade Settlement, Cash, Corporate Actions, income & more for years. 

I have uncovered inconsistencies within the TBA (whose underlying securities are Mortgages) Reporting market. FINRA/SEC has passed a ruling allowing for greater transparency (the heart of Dodd Frank)

I continue my work with further involvement in the Regulatory space using BI Tools such as Business Objects WEBI used by Social Solutions in their Efforts To Outcome ( ETO ) Application, MicroStrategy and QlikView. I am a Global Knowledge Certified Professional Business Analyst, Institute of Certified Bankers Certified Securities Operations Professional, New York State Teachers Assistant and trained New York State Security Officer. Of special note is that in the way of Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance, I have used RSA Archer eGRC with Administration Access.

 I have been on the phone with clients in Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa, Western Hemisphere and Latin America at all hours to ensure timely settlement of trades in a Middle Office role as a Liaison between the Client and the Support Areas globally. Continuing my passion for Technology, I have worked within the Network space with VLAN and VOIP to further enhance the customer experience having a degree in Technology Systems from Pace University.

Having a foundation in running my own Communities (SharePoint, Bulletin Board Systems, Commercial Online Services from the then CompuServe and Microsoft Network to the now Facebook, Google Blogger, Twitter, Drupal and WordPress), helped me build and contribute to these Communities within the Enterprise.


Our Ministry Website is http://wealthy-place.org/