Prophetess Leona Simmons Velez

Ever sense that you are blessed because of generations way before you prayed for you?

For me, one strong Prayer Warrior was my Maternal Great Grandmother Leona who we affectionately called “Nanna”.

What a privilege to meet and spend time with this powerful Women Of God!

She worked in the church Pastored by Nat Townley Sr (his son, wrote the song, “I fell in love with God”).

She left there to work with a young Evangelist RW Schambach, God’s General, covered by Roberts Liardon in in a video, (who worked and assisted, Reverend A A Allen“) to work at a church he began called “Miracle Temple” in Brooklyn, NY.

She moved in the prophetic!!!

Many of the Generations she has left continue strong in the ministry such as her grand daughter, Evangelist Jessica Holman and her great grandson, Elder Michael Holman

Miss You Nanna!