Jessica Holman


On October the 18th a beautiful woman, Jessica Holman was born in Brooklyn, NY. She marrried Gordie Holman II

She overcame many challenges by holding on to her faith in God and passing that faith on to her children.

It scares me, to think how very different our family would have been were it not for her faith in God.

She is my Shero.

She is a Daughter of Zion.

She has been educated well. Bachelors Degree from Queens, College.

She had taken so many courses at United Christian College, that the late Dean, Dr Irene Powell told her she was ready to get her Doctorate Degree from the school.

She just does that EXTRA in life. She is often asked, but why do you go out of your way to do this and that? She says, I CARE about others. Is’nt that what Jesus taught? My, God, and AWESOME women!

She took in family members and gave of herself unselfishly.

I could not tag all who knew her, but at least, I tagged, her Sisters, Children and Grand Children.

Happy Birthday Mom and I, Michael Holman, love you so much!!!

“I’ll always love my Momma, She’s my favorite girl!” (The Intruders)

Jessica’s 75th Birthday