Gordie Holman II


My father, Gordie “Willie” Holman Jr, born in Holly Hill, South Carolina, passed this morning. My Mother and whole family are grieving. He was a Veteran of the US Air Force (He told me in the Military back in the day unless you could throw a coin on your bed and it bounced back up, your bed was not made!). He was an active Local Church (Lambert Chapel UHC/Rev Linda Hindsman) off of Linden Blvd near Williams and Hegeman in Brooklyn, NY) Member/Usher and Northern District Usher of the United Holy Church Of America (UHC) ( http://www.uhcoa.org/ ) where he gave his life to God and loved the Lord.

Even before this, it was Prophesied that he would give his life to God, by Pastor/Prophetess Mother Sarah Hankins, founder of Bethel Emmanuel Temple COGIC (B.E.T.)

He gave of himself often, using his credentials as a Long Distance Truck Driver and traveled with his Bishop, Bishop Bowens of the United Holy Church Of America, (UHC) who also spoke during a 4th Saturday Conference for COGIC’s 1st Jurisdiction of East New York during the leadership of Jurisdictional Prelate and General Board Member, Bishop Ithiel Conrad Clemmons. During this meeting Dad met and spoke to Bishop Clemmons as well. (UHC Website: http://www.uhcoa.org/ ) and drove eighteen wheeler trucks to disaster stricken areas for his church to send food and clothing to the many who were in need. I believe as the scripture says as much as he assisted in feeding and clothing the least, he also did it unto God.

Back in the day, the Northern District of the United Holy Church Of America held it’s Bible School, The United Christan College founded by Dr. Powell (One of the Deans was Dr. Corita and Theodore Simmons was a teacher, My Aunt & Uncle), at the Annex Building of Mt. Sinai Cathedral COGIC, then Pastored by COGIC’s National General Assembly Vice Chair, Bishop C.L. Sexton. One of the esteemed Teachers of the school was Evangelist Connelly, who later became Evangelist Washington, wife of the Prince of Preachers, General Board Member, Bishop F.D. Washington.

Dad was all about family from way back in the day. He would take me for rides in the car to see family members.

He was involved in alot of the groups I was in. If it was Church, he came to hear me preach. He even came to one of my past Iota Family Picnic Events and met many of my Brothers, Hearts and their family. Even after he would often ask, “How are your Brothers?”. He also took my family often to his company Picnic’s which were a great experience for our family. He just gave of himself. That’s Dad.

As a little boy, I remember watching him shed tears for the lost his father, Gordie Holman I, and today I shed those same tears for him.

Rest In Peace, Dad from your Labor Of Love to me, your son  and vour Family and to God,

Michael Your Son