Getting Your Presentation From Your VGA Only Laptop To The Big HDMI Screen

I needed to project what was on my small laptop screen on to my Bigger Desktop Screen. The Problem was that the Laptop only has VGA and the Desktop only has HDMI.

The Solutions? A VGA to HDMI Upscaler with Audio. The Company StarTech produces just the item.

I only found out that a item like this existed when I worked as a Desktop Support Administrator for a Company that rented out Conference Room Space. Quite often customers would come in with VGA only Laptops and needed to Project on the Huge Flat Screen on the Conference Room Wall whicAh only had HDMI. The VGA HDMI Upcaler with Audio was the solution!

It was just good to know that when I needed Large Projections from any Laptop to an HDMI only enabled screen, The VGA HDMI Upscaler with Audio was a perfect solution.

It is important to note that where a smaller devices that have an VGA connection and a HDMI connection, BUT they do not project from your VGA Laptop to an HDMI Screen. It’s important that you get a Upscaler from VGA to HDMI and that AUDIO is projected. This critical.

You can be presenting at a Conference or Meeting and need to project (with or without audio) what is on your Laptop to a Big Screen and wondering how to get this done. This may very well be the solution you need.

If you Laptop already has an HDMI port you are set without using the Upscaler in most cases, but if you only have a VGA connection, a VGA to HDMI Upscaler with Audio might be needed.


Below is a Video Review of the Product:

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