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QuickStart! – Facebook for Business

QuickStart! Facebook for Business gives you all you need to know to create a Facebook presence for your business. In this VTC course, you will learn how to create, customize, and administrate a page. Author Brian White will also show you how to make posts, interact with customers, and increase Edge Rank. In addition, the course demonstrates how to incorporate apps and create ads on Facebook. Get started today by clicking the movie links below!




Why Facebook
Creating a Business Page
Anatomy of a Page
Administrating Your Page pt. 1
Administrating Your Page pt. 2
Administrating Your Page pt. 3
Creating a Vanity URL
Creating a Cover / Profile pt. 1
Creating a Cover / Profile pt. 2
Creating a Cover / Profile pt. 3
Managing the Timeline pt. 1
Managing the Timeline pt. 2

Building Your Community

The Front Porch
Adding Posts / Links
Adding Images
Creating an Album
Creating a Poll
Adding Video
Expanding Your Presence pt. 1
Expanding Your Presence pt. 2
Expanding Your Presence pt. 3
Edge Rank

Apps and Ads

Introduction to Apps
Apps Overview
Static HTML
Shop Tab pt. 1
Shop Tab pt. 2
Facebook Ads pt. 1
Facebook Ads pt. 2
Facebook Ads pt. 3
Facebook Ads pt. 4
Facebook Ads pt. 5
Facebook Ads pt. 6


Course Wrap Up


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