5 Secrets to Networking Success

5 Secrets to Networking Success
5 Secrets to Networking Success
Networking skills are an absolute must for people looking to grow their business.  One important skill is being able to interact socially. In this article we go over some simple ways to improve your networking success by polishing your social skills.
Social skills help us connect with others, and that’s what networking is, connecting with others. The more often you do something, the more it will become second nature. So make an effort to do the following five things regularly:
Remember to say “please” and “thank you.”
Saying “please” and “thank you” may be so basic that you don’t think it even falls under social skills. Be that as it may, courtesy is so important that it deserves to be listed here, and it’s a large part of what makes up good social skills.
Make proper eye contact
Making eye contact frequently and appropriately can make the difference between coming across as likable or not. Look at the person when you’re speaking with him or her, but without staring, and pay close attention.
Even if you’re one of those people who actually can pay attention when they seem to be preoccupied with other things, maintaining eye contact will let the other person know you are interested. Don’t just pay attention, but make sure the other person knows that you’re listening.
Repeat the other person’s name
In a conversation, be sure to repeat the other person’s name. It will make them feel very much acknowledged and remember their name. There are a lot of quotes about how much people love the sound of their own name, the thing is – it’s true.
Support others
Whenever you find yourself talking with someone, pay close attention. They may be giving you clues for assistance that you can lend your experience and opportunity with them to help solve their needs.
Repeat something they’ve said recently
When you’ve had a conversation with someone and talk to them again, repeat something they’ve said. Ask them about something specific to follow up on. It shows them that you paid close attention as we mentioned, but also will remind them of your previous conversation.
Social skills are a key part of what makes you achieve business success. Practice them regularly and watch how quickly you’ll get new clients!
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