Your Contacts

Your contacts are crucial. Gather up all of your business card and put them in a Contact Database such as where you receive your email. Make sure this program allows you to export them whenever you need to.

Remember the days of the Palm Pilot? I started out then collecting. I moved those contacts to my then Blackberry service and onto other services I used.

There are some programs like, Google’s Gmail that will automatically add contacts you communicate with via email.  When these same contacts are added to programs such as MS Outlook and GMail or Social Media sites like LinkedIn, you will also see pictures when available of your contacts.

Some programs will even let you group contacts together so you can have a Group of Friends vs Business Associates within your Contact list. If you are using Google, this contact list with work well with their Google Voice Program as well allowing you to even have specific Voicemail Greetings for certain contacts.

If you are not digitizing those business cards or even capturing your contacts, start today!

For an example of Contact Management with Gmail see the below video:

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