Just This Word…by My Papa, Prophet Daniel Amoateng – Warfare and Angels

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Prophet Daniel Amoateng – Warfare and Angels 

Angels are present, but we must INSTRUCT and ACTIVATE them!!!

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Notes from our first post on Angels:

Angels – Hebrews 1:14

You must instruct them in what you need. Christians must instruct them!

1) You can direct them to Give Good News (Send the Angels To Bring you Good News) Matthew 1:20

2) They Encamp About Believers (Where are my Angels? Surround Me) (They Block Trouble) (Surround My Family!) Psalms 34:7

3) They Chase Away And Persecute Our Enemies. (Anything that might have been taken from us, Instruct them, “Angels Chase After that for me!”) (Chase after Business. No one else can get the business Deal until it comes back to you first!) (Angels will Persecute and make suffer anyone that has caused you harm!) Psalms 35:5-6

4) The Angels Keep us Safe Everyday. Tell them after you get up and have prayed, “Angels, where are you? Go with me in the car and everywhere so everything is well!” Let them know, they have been charged by God to work for me in all my ways! If you are on plane and experiencing turbulence. Ask them are they on the plane and in the cockpit? Take over the flight! Everytime you walk any floor you are walking not on the floor but in the hands of an Angel! Psalm 91:11-12

5) They Open Doors.Tell the Angels to open you doors Now! (Jobs, Money & Wealth, Finance, Promotion, Marriage, Health (Cancer and all bad health can be cancelled), Peace Of Mind, Salvation for you Family, Prison Doors and more!) Acts 5:19

6) Uncover Secrets and Show us Strategies in our Dreams. You may have a friend, but they are not a good friend. The Angels will show you in your sleep. If they are wrong you will see it. If they are right, you will see it! You are not sure about someone you are thinking about marrying when you sleep, the Angels will give you clarity! God will give you Strategies where to invest. Your investments will go up, while others will go down! The Angels will show up in your Dreams! Matthew 2:13

7) ONE Angel silenced, ALL of the lions. ALL of your Haters need only ONE Angel! Tell your Haters, “Don’t let me release TWO Angels! Daniel 6:22

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