Iota Phi Theta ® on MTV

MTV True Life – Iota Phi Theta
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In 1998 the men of Iota Phi Theta had the privilege of being showcased on MTV True Life. This documentary was filmed in the early years of Iota Phi Theta as a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Brothers, there are powerful pillars of the fraternity in this documentary. Can you spot them? From this True Life documentary, the legendary Iota Phi Theta step team, East Coast Outlaws, were spawned.
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Featured in the video: Bro. Eric McCoy, Bro. Sherman Braxton, Bro. Raymond Braxton, Bro Rashard Ray, Bro. Kaifa Dennis, Bro. Larry Alade; Bro. Ahmad Ali, Bro. Quintin Hudgens and brothers from Nu chapter.
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